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PLATIN deluxe

High performance lamps

high-quality and strong. PLATIN deluxe UV lamps by new technology are excellent with first-class and maximum tanning performance. The wide range of different high performance UV lamps in premium plus quality ensure a perfect product for your sunbed.

Das umfangreiche Portfolio verschiedenster Hochleistungsröhren in Premium Plus Qualität garantiert das vollendete Produkt für Ihr Solarium.

High performance facials

The latest generation of high pressure lamps with a unique Platin refinement. This hand-made product assures with quick startingoptimal heat development because of more infrared output and ca. 10% more UVA performance for a luxury tan. A top-class experience with a precious Platin reflector coating for a first-class tanning performance.

Platin dark tan

is a valuable tanning lotion & ideal moisturizer for sun-spoiled skin before and after tanning.

Improve the luxury tan with a true cocktail of minerals and vitamins which will provide your skin with nutrients for a smooth and tight skin.

Platin dark tan gives additional moisture, protects the skin against free radicals and strengthens the natural immune functions of the skin.

6ml deep-emulsion & 2ml emulsion

  • especially for the face, neck and décolleté
  • gives a long-lasting deep tan
  • for dehydrated or normal skin

2ml: monk pepper extract activates the production of melanin. Tyrosine is used for tanning intensification.

6ml: monk pepper extract activates the production of melanin. Hyaluronic retents moisture. Tyrosine and DHA are used for tanning intensification. Apply before tanning.


dark face tan

Two in One Stick

  • intensify tanning through melanin
  • Hyaluronic acid for moisture retention
  • Centella Asiatica tightens the facial contours.


Apply before and after tanning.