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For nearly 30 years UV-Power has been offering an unrivalled service to the tanning professional through our brand New Technology and more recently Art of Sun Cosmetics. We fully understand that it is important to meet the individual expectations of our customers through knowledge, service and the delivery of quality products that your business can rely on.
UV-Powers highly trained staff are on hand to answer any questions or offer friendly advice on a suitable choice of UV lamps/High Pressure facials, cosmetics as well as the more complex topics of regulation and device technology.

Always on stock for our worldwide logistics:

UV-Röhren (ca 350 Typen)

UV tubes

(approx. 350 types)

UV-Röhren (ca 350 Typen)

UV lamps

(approx. 100 types)

New Technology UV tubes and spotlights

Since the innovation of the Sunbed/Solarium in the 1970’s consumers have had a solution for their desire for a darker complexion. Add in the additional benefits of relaxation and stress relief it is no wonder millions of people use professional salons world wide every year. With a greater understanding of light, new products offering smoother skin and anti ageing properties have recently come to the market.


New Technology is at the forefront of this industry with innovative products sold in more than 50 countries We are very proud of this achievement and the faith our customers have in our products. In our in-house laboratory, our tubes and spotlights are measured and tested to ensure the best performance and safe use, as well as new innovative products developed for the professional studio.

Introducing the New Technology Butler

The New Technology Butler, our online configurator – offers you UV lamps and high pressure lamp kits in a simple, individual and safe way, as well as a wide range of components for more than 1200 solariums from leading manufacturers such as Ergoline, megaSun,Hapro Luxura, Soltron and UWE. We are happy to provide you our know-how and our extensive database on

ART of SUN solar/tanning cosmetics

Attractive tan & fabulous looking skin …

Our cosmetics are based on high-quality and innovative active ingredients  Unique in the recipe, attractive in the fragrance and intense care, they give the skin an enviable tan and provide the skin with nourishing ingredients. Everyones skin reacts to light in different ways .
Therefore, Art of Sun has developed a completely unique concept with different series for every skin type, individual wishes and needs. Discover the diversity of art of sun products.


The Solariums/Sunbeds themselves,

New or used, as well as the associated spare parts, complete our product range. Our service technician team offers the solution for installationrepair, maintenance and servicing, as well as the necessary test according to DGUV regulation 3 (BGVA3 = previous VBGA4 – regulates the testing of electrical appliances used in companies) in the studio.

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Well Equipment

Superior quality is the characteristic of the New Technology studio accessory and blends in well with the overall program. Our product materials are tested in function and durability. Safety accessories, such as goggles are DIN certified, Smart Clean disinfection under manufacturer name VAH certified and listed. An all-round complete product portfolio to satisfy the demanding studio operator.

Daten - Zahlen - Fakten

Today UV Power Light GmbH is a medium-sized company with 70 employees based in Meppen situated in the Northwest of Germany. Since its founding in 1989, our core competence has been the development, distribution and logistics of products for the solarium industry worldwide.

In addition to UV Power, the group also includes other companies that specialize in solar thermal, LED technology and card printing systems. The entire group employs more than 120 people in different locations.


The operation terrain at Industriestraße 24-26 includes in 2022


  • Office and sales building
  • Measuring laboratory / measuring technology
  • Workshop
  • Logistics center
  • Studio “Beauty & Sun Lounge”, a modern tanning salon with beauty, wellness and sports

Always in stock for our worldwide logistics


  • approx. 200,000 UV tubes (approx. 350 types)
  • approx. 50,000 UV lamps (about 100 types)
  • Accessories for tanning salons – 200 different products
  • Solar cosmetics – 400 different products
  • Spare parts – 300 different products

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