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Beautiful Skin with BEAUTY LIGHT RED

…the skin’s collagen production can be stimulated, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving the skin’s texture.

…the skin’s oxygen supply can be supported, rejuvenating and strengthening the skin.

…the skin’s ability to retain moisture can also be improved, revitalising your complexion and encouraging a youthful and fresh appearance

An attractive tan with BEAUTY LIGHT RED

…for beautiful, tanned skin, UV light and oxygen are required. BEAUTY LIGHT RED lamps harness both UV light and the red light spectrum, which can help oxygenate the skin, and thus naturally intensify your tan.

Hybrid Cosmetic

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accelerator & collagen activator

  • Collagen activator Syn-Coll increases the formation of new collagen for more elasticity of the skin
  • Hydrolyzed collagen and elastin provide the skin with necessary amino acids.
  • Vitamin E prevents premature skin aging.
  • SolyTan complex – the melanin preform tyrosine, the cell energy supplier ATP and riboflavin for a fast tanning result.
  • Melano Bronze – monk berry pepper extract and acetyltyrosine stimulate the new formation of the skin’s pigment melanin, for a maximum natural tan entirely without DHA.
  • Sweet almond oil pampers the skin even during application

BEAUTY LIGHT daily care

body moisturizer & cell protection

  • SOLyCare complex – the daily care after showering or sunbathing, for soothed and youthfully fresh skin.
  • Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid – highly dosed they act against moisture loss of the skin.
  • Ectoin stimulates the cell metabolism and regenerates skin cells and the important skin matrix proteins, for more elasticity of the skin
  • Bisabolol, panthenol, sweet almond and hemp oil care and soothe the skin, make it soft and smooth and support the natural defences of the skin.
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